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With more than 30 years of experience in valuations, we are experts in automotive appraisals. Let us work for you. There’s no obligation to find out if we can help you!

Licensed and bonded with over 30 years of experience in valuations.

We are a national service company with representatives in all 50 states. Please contact Certified Automobile Appraisal to discuss your appraisal need.

About Us

Founded in 1996, our team at Certified Automobile Appraisal has more than 100 years automotive experience. This team eats, sleeps and breathes cars. Our owner and operator Kenny, known for his “Kenny The Car Guy” TV news features, is an automotive expert and has been in the automotive repair industry since 1982. He previously founded and operated a successful automotive repair shop that he grew from its infancy and sold. Kenny not only repairs cars, but restores them, races them and buys and sells them. Anyone who knows Kenny knows that he’s all about cars and all about doing the right thing. It’s our mantra and is core to every appraisal we complete. Our entire team is here for you.

We are certified, licensed automobile appraisers, insured and bonded and ready to help customers in all 50 states and Puerto Rico!