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We provide a Certified Automobile Appraisal on any make or model vehicle, including but not limited to Car, Trucks, Boats, Motorcycles, Classic Cars, RV’s, Commercial Vehicles, Corporate Fleets, Medium Duty Trucks and more! We are licensed and bonded with over 30 years of experience in valuations.
We are a national service company with representatives in all 50 state. Please contact Certified Automobile Appraisal to discuss your appraisal need.

Toll Free: 844-55-CarLoss

Main Valuation Center: 248-681-1545


I totaled my car in a flood and my insurance company tried forcing me to take FAR FAR below fair market value for it. I hired Certified Auto Appraisal and in less then 2 weeks they were able to get me a very very reasonable amount, far greater than the insurance company tried giving me. They kept in contact through the entire process and their fee was incredibly reasonable. Highly recommend them.

Amar Abro

Awesome job by Mike, advised me on whether to pursue this avenue or not and did an excellent job getting me what my truck was worth. He is a very straightforward man, he worked hard to get me 4k more than what was initially offered by my insurance company and still kept a good relationship with them. I highly recommend his service.-

Arrmon Lute

Job well done by Mike – very professional, kept us updated on the whole process – got us 30% more on our totaled Subaru.

Amanda Galeczka

In September 2014 I totaled my brand new F150 and the insurance company (Progressive) deemed it a total loss. Not having been in an accident or filing a claim before, I wasn’t sure what to expect in the process. I found out quickly that it wasnt going to be fun, or fair to me when the insurance told me what they were willing to pay me for my truck. The truck was 3 months old, had 7,000 miles on it and lets just say the amount that they wanted to give me for it was a huge slap in the face compared to what I just paid for it 3 months ago. I argued, provided all sorts of documentation that they requested and jumped thru all the hoops they put me thru. I was extremely frustrated, felt taken advantage of and betrayed by my insurance company. Finally the last option I had was get my own appraiser, the insurance company would get their appraiser and they would come to an agreement on what the value of the truck was worth. I got on the internet to find a company and Certified Automobile Appraisal came up and I called them right away. Again being a situation I had never dealt with before I was skeptical, however after just a few minutes of talking with Mike, I knew I was in good hands. Mike kept me updated the whole time and worked on my behalf with the insurance company so I didn’t have to. I finally had some help in battling the insurance company and needless to say that was a huge relief. Mike was extremely professional, very informative and got me what my truck was actually worth!! He was an absolute pleasure to work with and Im very thankful that all it took was a quick internet search to find them and help me put an end to the unfortunate nightmare of a situation. I highly recommend them. Battling my insurance company was terrible, but Mike at Certified came thru to help me and get me the fair value of what my truck was actually worth. Good luck, I hope this helps someone!

Brandyn Mickus